Ron and Joy

My name is Ronald Munyao, and I am married to Joyce, commonly called Joy. We have three children: Esther (14), James (12), and Michelle (10).

Slide Background

I came to know Jesus as my Savior in 1984 on April 15th. Soon after I completed high school, I felt the Lord call me to the ministry, and so I attended Moffat Bible College. Four years later I graduated and joined the ministry as an associate pastor. I got married to Joy (whom I met my last year at college) on September 3, 1994.

Joy and I have served in different local churches and have seen the gifts of God in our lives reach and touch the people of God powerfully.

In 2006, after almost fifteen years of serving in Kenya, Joy and I were led by God to hand over our pastoral duties so I could return to bible college for a year. Little did we know that God had a different direction for us. In December 2007, we got an invitation to facilitate a conference at Entebbe Community Church in Uganda. As we were preparing to come to the conference, we felt the Lord tell us to bring our children with us.

At Entebbe we had a wonderful time of ministry. Just when we were preparing to return to Kenya, there arose post-election violence, murder, looting, and destruction of property that made the roads impassable.

14-Day Prayer and Fasting

The Lord started to impress upon my heart that we were to tarry in Uganda. This led to a decision to pray and fast to determine God's further leading. As we prayed, God indeed reveal His will for us. One night I had a dream in which someone called me on my cell phone and said, "My name is Sietenei. I come from northern Uganda. I know you have an apostolic calling, and I want you to come over. I have a mission for you." Before I could answer, the line went dead. (I found out later that Sietenei is a name in one of the local languages and means "a messenger.") I shared this with Joy, and we sought the Lord further about it. He led us to Acts 16 where Paul had a vision of the man in Macedonia who begged them to come to Macedonia. We perceived that God was calling us to northern Uganda.

Excuses and Complaints

While certain that we were being called as missionaries, Joy and I were concerned about our children and their schooling. We asked the Lord to take care of it. Two days later, a woman who runs a boarding school for primary school students sent for us and told us how the Lord had spoken to her about our children! She told us to bring our children to her school and not to worry about the fees. We could pay later when we were able. I launched another complaint to God about lack of funds. The Lord made it clear that we were to go, regardless of what we felt like we needed. If we had only one plate, one spoon, one blanket and one bed, we were still to go. We literally reported to the mission field with just that.

Gulu Bible Community Church

At this point we did not know anyone in northern Uganda, so we asked a friend of ours who provided us with the contact information of Pastor Kasirivu from Africa Renewal Ministries. He, in turn, gave us the name of Pastor Chris. We called him, and he welcomed us to serve with and through GBCC as we pursued our new calling from God. We began to minister to people in counseling and healing, both inside the church and outside—as the Lord gave us direction. The Lord laid on our hearts a burden for those traumatized and rejected.

RockHarbor Team

In June of 2008, a team from the US came, and a man from the group shared from the Bible. When he finished sharing, he sat down. I was seated behind him. The Lord impressed upon me to tell him two things—that God was pleased with: 1) his obedience in having come on this trip; and 2) the love he has for Uganda. I hugged him and repeated the message I was given. Later I found out his name was Dave Galaway. By the time his team was nearing the end of their mission trip, Joy and I got to know Dave better, and a meaningful friendship had taken root. Dave has become a real source of encouragement to us in the mission field. He has not only been praying with and for us but has also supported us financially.

Christ the Center Ministries (CTCM)

During the fourteen days Joy and I were praying and fasting, we felt that God gave us the name—Christ the Center Ministries. Therefore, this ministry was born in our hearts, and its vision has become clearer as we have served these past years in northern Uganda. As we have served and seen the fruit of caring for the traumatized and rejected, we have become more convinced that this ministry will have far-reaching effects that will bring glory to Jesus, bringing healing and hope to Africa.

Swahili Service

Before Joy and I came to Gulu, no church services were available for Congolese women in their native tongue. When the RockHarbor team visited, we visited Kasubi/Kanyagoga with them, and about six women—who happened to be Congolese—were born again. When the team left, we followed up with these women and began to disciple them. Thus, the Swahili service was born, and around eighty women, fifteen men and eighty-six children currently attend this service.

We conduct Bible studies weekly in four different locations—Kasubi, Celeleno, Konipacho and Barracks. Recently, we have added a fifth location—CPU (Child Protection Unit) near Acholi Inn. We have also begun classes to teach some of the children who do not attend school, as well as an adult class to teach parents who are interested in learning English.

The fields truly are white with harvest, and the laborers are few. You are invited to participate in this great work that God is doing through CTCM. You may choose to respond to this opportunity by giving your time for a short-term visit to help out by using the talents God has given you. Or you may choose to help financially by sponsoring a teacher or giving so that the healing and hope that Jesus gives can spread throughout Africa.